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Friends Only
comment to be added pls

Rules before you add me~

1. I tend to be very random and shit. Don't be surprised if I also do some venting or ranting every now and then. This happens a lot because I tend to have stuff on my mind.

2. I have disabilities and mental health issues. I will be talking a lot about these things and how they affect me. If you do not like this then don't add me. Make sure you also treat me with respect. I take my conditions very seriously, and I do struggle greatly with them... even if it may not seem that way.

3. PLEASE DO NOT RANDOMLY ADD ME. If I find you doing this without posting here, I will block and ban you. I do NOT like random adders. So please, comment to be added.

4. If you are accepted, please PLEASE try to comment. Don't leave me hanging if I post something. I won't delete anyone for not posting or commenting here since I know you all have lives and stuff, but just try to leave a comment?

5. I post things about sexuality at times. I am a demisexual/bisexual, so you might see me fangirling over women that I am fond of/crush on as well. This includes people like Carrie Fisher and Margot Robbie, among others. I also post things about Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie at times, but this depends on my mood though.

By adding me, you understand the rules listed above.


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